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Our privacy policy has recently been updated. By clicking Accept or "X"you hereby accept and agree to the updated privacy policy. Concerned that their conservative father wouldn't approve of using the family name for a band, Harold and Ev took parts of their names and called the band Hal Leonard. At the time, Ev started a music store using the Hal Leonard name while Roger and Harold were both directing award-winning high school bands in Winona.

In those days, most school bands played serious literature, but Harold and Roger had the unique ability because of their professional experience to arrange "popular" music for school bands.

Soon band directors across the US wanted their arrangements. They started to mimeograph copies and sell them. They realized that to successfully and legally! What they got on their trip was an education in publishing and the rights to "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now," one of the most popular songs of the day.

Eventually, many music publishers in New York were licensing Hal Leonard to do school band arrangements of their songs.

hal leonard phone number

Thus began their publishing business and an entirely new industry. The company grew and soon choral arrangements and a wider variety of band arrangements were added to their catalog of publications. In the early s, the home organ industry began to grow rapidly That is when Hal Leonard published The Pointer System for organ, which eventually became the best-selling organ instruction method ever created.

That method soon led to the first organ "benchpack," which featured instruction books and songbooks packaged in the bench of an organ. In the late s, The Pointer Systems for Guitar and Piano were produced, introducing millions of beginners to instant playing success.

In the mids, Hal Leonard began marketing band and choral music to educators by sending recordings of arrangements through the mail. This unique promotion is now used by virtually every print music publisher in the industry. This division soon outgrew the company, and Mardak became general manager for the entire company.

Shortly afterward, the Hal Leonard Guitar Method was launched, becoming one of the first methods to incorporate popular music. Today, this method is the leading guitar method in the world, having taught millions how to play guitar.

Hal Leonard continued to grow throughout the s, and in made the giant leap into popular music print publishing when it established a unique and very close relationship with Chappell Music, the world's largest music publisher. Shortly thereafter, Hal Leonard increased its presence in virtually every music print market around the world. As a result, facilities in both Milwaukee and Winona were expanded to accommodate corporate growth.

InHal Leonard was purchased from the original founders by an internal management team led by Keith Mardak, who then became president. Since then, it has experienced consistent, dramatic growth due to creative, innovative and aggressive publishing and marketing. Today, Hal Leonard is the world's largest educational music publisher, with the 1 methods for learning guitar the Hal Leonard Guitar Methodpiano the Faber Piano Methodand school music instruments Essential Elements for Band and Stringsplus publications for learning virtually every instrument imaginable.Hal Leonard Corporation publishes and distributes print music for instruments and performance groups.

The company Is this your business? Verify your listing. Hal Leonard Corporation is the world leader in music print publishing and distribution. These are the corporate headquarters in Milwaukee. My husband and I are in and out of here a lot to pick up The CDs included in the jazz play Along series will scratch in the middle of the cd. Resulting in about two songs not being able to play or burn. Sometime they are my favorite songs. I have Sign In.

Search query. Web Local Images Video. Hal Leonard Corporation. The company product list includes sheet music, songbooks, artist folios, tab books and interactive materials that includes videos, DVDs and CDs. Printed music published by the company can be used for vocalist, piano instruction, guitar instruction, bands and choral groups. Classical and jazz music are among the genres of music published by the corporation. The company also sells games, toys and other music-related products.

The Hal Leonard print publishing company was founded intaking its name from the Hal Leonard Band. Hal Leonard Corporation is headquartered in Milwaukee. Hours may change under current circumstances. View more reviews on Yelp Write a review. David Miller Live Music. Wauwatosa School of Music. Kirk Tatnall Guitar.Need assistance with this form?

For digital and downloadable catalogs, please visit: alfred. If you are interested in a free copy for review in determining whether or not you will use an Alfred Music book for a class, this would be considered a perusal copy request, not a desk copy request.

Please see our perusal copy policy below. One complimentary desk copy will be sent for each teacher who is instructing a class that requires the text. Please note that we are unable to send desk copies of software, teacher handbooks, audio materials such as CDs or MIDI disks.

The desk copy will be sent with the intention that it shall remain the property of the school or institution that it is sent to and should not be taken with any teacher or graduate assistant upon their departure from the institution. The desk copy should then be transferred to the professor or graduate assistant who will be taking the former teacher's place.

Alfred Music will send new desk copies at its discretion if additional sections requiring a larger number of teachers are offered or in special situations. Each request must include the title of the selected text sthe ISBN if possible, the name s of all teachers who will be receiving the text, and the number of students expected to enroll in the class.

All shipments must be sent directly to a school address.

hal leonard phone number

At this time, Alfred Music is not able to offer materials for review. For all press inquiries relating to Alfred Music artists, authors, or clinicians, please contact: pr alfred. Alfred Music will review unsolicited manuscripts in the following educational areas only: concert band, school choral, string orchestra, percussion methods, piano, and music classroom. If you are not familiar with our publications, please visit our website and acquaint yourself with our publications to help determine if your work might be a good fit for us.

Submissions are to be original material or arrangements in the public domain. Arrangements of copyrighted material will not be reviewed. Manuscripts are to be submitted in a manner consistent with the instrumentation, grade level and notation for our specific product types. Please keep in mind that while we do produce some music for higher level ensembles community bands and orchestras, professional ensemblesmuch of the music we publish is intended for educational use. Click here to review the series guidelines for band and orchestra.

It is always helpful to ensure that your submission matches the instrumentation, range, and difficulty of the music produced in our catalog. An audio recording is required, preferably in an MP3 format. A live recording is very helpful, however, synthesized versions created from notation software are also acceptable.

We prefer manuscripts be submitted electronically to the attention of George Field, Editor, at the following email address: gfield alfred. Manuscripts should be addressed to the editorial attention of one of these areas in the subject line e. If sending a hard copy of a manuscript, please do not send the original or your only copy. Submit both a printed copy of the manuscript and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the address listed below.

Manuscripts lacking return postage will be discarded. Recordings without a copy of the manuscript and vice versa will not be reviewed and will be discarded. All licensing and permission requests must be submitted in writing. Please note, first initial responses may take up to business days.

Please register online, visit: alfred. Fill out the pertinent information about the item you are requesting i. The Alfred Music Rental Library has hundreds of works for your orchestral, band or choral event available for rent. The library is handled by Luck's Music Library.Here you will find answers to some common questions about Roni Music software.

When will you make a version of Amazing Slow Downer that runs on Android phones? Now available at Google Play Store! Read more here.

Now available on the App Store! Mac OS X users: From version 3. Starting with macOS Windows users: From version 3. However you need QuickTime 7. All users: Amazing Slow Downer can not save a copy of those files.

Select the "Processed stereo" item. The audio content of the CD doesn't show up in the track list. There are some compatibility issues with early Hal Leonard CDs, which a newer update will take care of.

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I'm trying out the trial version of your software and I get strange error messages that will not go away whatever I do. I'm not a registered user.

hal leonard phone number

Make sure you are not trying out the software with any kind of password entered. The errors will go away when you pay for the software. I'm a registered user of your software and I get strange error messages that will not go away whatever I do.

Northwest Odyssey by Richard L. Saucedo

Make sure you have unlocked the software exactly as described in the instructions sent to you after ordering. Please contact Roni Music if you need any help in this matter. Read more here Q. Hmm, you are using a very old browser. Click here to go directly to included content.We understand the needs of online learning and the distribution of copyrighted music, and we want to support both distance learning and copyright holders.

Here are our guidelines for the use of Hal Leonard materials while your school or performing ensemble meets virtually due to restrictions related to the COVID outbreak:. We are regularly reviewing the needs of our customers and publishers, and we will update these guidelines as needed. We primarily sell to distributors, music stores and book stores. We encourage you to contact your local music retailer to purchase our products.

If they do not have what you are looking for in stock, they can certainly special order it for you. When you are ready to check out, click the shopping cart at the top of your screen. You will then be able to review and revise your order.

Simply select your desired retailer, fill out the billing and shipping information and your items will be shipped directly to you. Simply click on the site of your choice and the contents of your shopping cart will automatically transfer to their cart where you can confirm your order and complete your purchase.

Online Music Stores. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us. This includes music manuscripts, book proposals, recordings, videos, CD-roms, or other submission formats for any product area in the Hal Leonard catalog. We produce our publications and products utilizing the talents and skills of an established group of composers, arrangers, transcribers, authors, producers, and editors.

Hal Leonard is not responsible for any submission materials sent to us via mail, courier, or e-mail.

hal leonard phone number

Submission packages will not be returned. There is a very slim possibility that a retailer may still have a copy or two in stock, but we have no way of knowing which retailers stock the product you may be looking for.

To follow up directly with our copyright department please reply to your confirmation email. Select A Topic Product Information. How To Order. Essential Elements Music Class.

Becoming a Hal Leonard Retailer. Licensing Copyright. Junior Musicals. My Library Online Audio. Essential Elements Interactive EEi. Here are our guidelines for the use of Hal Leonard materials while your school or performing ensemble meets virtually due to restrictions related to the COVID outbreak: Audition and Adjudication Uses A digital copy of a work performed for audition or adjudication purposes may be sent to each judge for said performance, provided the necessary number of copies of the work have been purchased for each performer.Please check your code again.

If you continue to have problems, please contact us at mylibrarysupport halleonard. We value your privacy. By registering with HalLeonard. View our privacy policy. Our privacy policy has recently been updated. By clicking Accept or "X"you hereby accept and agree to the updated privacy policy. Hal Leonard MyLibrary Toggle navigation. MyLibrary Help. Enter Access Code. We're Sorry! You have entered an invalid code. This code is out of redemptions.

Please contact customer service if you feel you've recieved this message in error. Toggle navigation Help Navigation.

Your Name. Your Email Address. What best describes your issue? My login credentials arent working my credentials dont work; I cant seem to reset my password Other problems.

What is the access code? What is the HL inventory number for your product? Computer or Device. Operating System and Version. Web Browser and Version. Is there an error code or message that appears? Yes No Please describe the message.

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Other details you can provide. Please describe the problem.As a result, Memjet partners created a greater diversity of solutions that increase the capability and affordability of solutions for this market. Growth of these types of solutions will continue to grow in 2017. We expect to see significant demand from flexo printers for retrofit digital inkjet solutions.

Because these solutions utilize existing capital infrastructure, providers are able to add digital capabilities at a low cost of entry. An example of this is the Colordyne 3600 Series Retrofit, which is now also being sold by Mark Andy.

More growth will come from solutions that combine multiple applications in one system. The demand for inkjet solutions and this high level of product innovationwill continue into 2017 and beyond. Year in and year out, growth continues at around the five percent mark and it is the objective of all market players to exceed this organic growth rate by exploiting their particular competitive advantage.

Thermal transfer technology is now 30 years old and has reached maturity, yet still offers advantages that cannot be equalled: it is economic, reliable and clean. Today, low-cost operators are gaining a solid foothold in our industry but, as is always the case, they will quickly come up against their own limitations.

You just have to offset the anticipated gain from the printed label against the constraints and risks incurred: the outcome is clear and is a simple matter of common sense. At the end of the day, quality and service will come out on top whenever the solution is coherent, appropriate and offers a high level of performance.

All of Armor's most recently established transformation subsidiaries (India, Mexico and South Africa) confirm the value of proximity by producing remarkable penetration rates, and this is only the start. To this can be added moving upmarket into niche applications, where the search for added value is the logical counterbalance to low-cost approaches. We must find new applications which are more demanding, more captive and more profitable, all of which will enhance the market as a whole.

Each year our volumes increase and our carbon footprint reduces as new fields of activity open up: it is this very virtuous circle that motivates us to maximise performance. Although 30 years old now, thermal Ttransfer technology still has a number of cards to play and ARMOR will continue to demonstrate its commitment via investment, innovation and new sites throughout the world.

We anticipate label producers working more closely with their ink partners not only to achieve optimum print quality but also to help increase production efficiencies, reduce waste, minimize press downtime and increase overall profitability. Demonstrating this trend, industry interest in our PureTone inks as part of a total color management concept has been unprecedented, not just in the UK but worldwide.

We also see exciting potential for premium laser-markable coding as brand owners, retailers and label printers seek solutions to overcome current challenges faced in the quest for premium printed variable data. In partnership with DataLase, and as its preferred narrow web ink partner, our new UV flexo coating, PureCode, has been formulated to provide superior marking on the finished label. Another example of product development providing a value-added solution for brand owners and label printers alike.

Recently accredited with the world-recognized Investors in People Standard, Pulse Roll Label Products continues to build a skilled and experienced team. This means that simply by scanning a product or label with a smartphone, people get access to tailored information.

This is part of the consumer trend where people increasingly expect to engage with brands whenever they want to and to obtain extra, personalized value from a product. A clear example is QR codes, which are making a comeback, albeit in a different way than when they became popular with consumers five years ago. But technology has moved on and other triggers can be used for scanning by consumers as well: Digimarc Barcodes (imperceptible digital watermarks), good-old EAN barcodes, RFID and NFC tags, and also image recognition.

In 2017 this trend will spread and brands will start to use these triggers as a new marketing channel to their customers. This is further fuelled by digital presses that allow for labels and packaging with individual codes (visible or invisible). But we need to see more and quicker action if the tidal wave of Chinese counterfeit goods flooding onto the market is to be checked, let alone stopped. More needs to be done to tackle the problem and this might include increased integration of holograms in China as part of brand protection strategies.

The Chinese cannot defeat counterfeiting on their own, so collaboration with the likes of the IHMA, and what we offer in terms of helping China to tackle counterfeiting, has to be a welcome priority.

International communication, open-mindedness and closer collaboration will be beneficial as we move forward, helping us to tackle and solve this problem together. We launched four brand new products this year and dramatically increased the pace of our innovation. The results of this have set us on a course to better meet the needs of our customers today, but importantly, tomorrow too. We have some amazing products and technology in development.

We recognize that, while we have market-leading solutions, we have opportunities to increase customer value and help them solve other business issues. This recognition has led us to broaden our approach, solidify our focus for 2017, and focus on solutions that help customers improve their entire workflow, rise above their competition and satisfy brand owners.

Digital is a key strategic focus for us. Historically, companies viewed labeling as a background process.


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