M92 pap rail

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We provide 2 longer bolts to use your OEM grip and most aftermarket grips.

m92 pap rail

Upgraded folding adapter offers upgraded machined parts, machined improved locking buffer tube slot to prevent turning, upgraded hinge spring, improved locking hinge, slimmer design and harder coating.

Total length 8. Any buffer tube type AR stock will thread into the adapter, both commercial and Mil spec can be used. We provide 2 longer bolts to use your OEM grip or most aftermarket grips. Our AR stock adapter paired up with our upgraded folding adapter. Upgraded folding adapter offers upgraded machined parts, machined improved locking buffer tube slot to prevent turning, upgraded hinge spring, improved to lock open and closed, no wiggle mechanism.

The Rear type Rail can also be removed to use the adapter and mount a flat mount stock or folding adapter. This part number for the Adapter with small aluminum rail. Sling loop sold separately. Adapter and rail both made of machine series aluminum. Tailhook MOD 2 offers 5 buffer tube adjustments in a lightweight package.

It features an open design that is lightweight and offers a great line of sight for using iron sights or a rail mounted scope.

m92 pap rail

Stock and adapter weigh 1. Length with adapter is 8. Offers QD sling swivel slots and weighs only 7. Made in the USA.This thing is a breeze to install and is the best means I have seen for adding an optic to the M Because the screws are inserted from the rail side, it is superior to other products that require the screws to come in from underneath the dust cover and risk being hit by the bolt carrier.

See the faint circles? Those are the spot welds and they are very hard! Do not drill into them! The new CNC Warrior mount has four holes and you only need to use two of them.

If you order one, you will get a black rail! Here you can see my fancy high tech tools. My Ryobi drill, Tap Magic cutting oil to lubricate the drills and the taps.

Note, you will need to buy a tap handle if you do not have one. Do not take the short cut of trying to start the tap with a regular socket or open end wrench. You really want the tap to be firmly held so you can tap the threads at a right angle to the surface of the hinge.

Also, see that little black cylinder? That is a drill guide that you put into the hole you select to guide the drill bit to the right place on the hinge. Be sure to use the cutting oil! As an aside, I blasted the mount and then sprayed on flat black Molyresin and baked it. By the way, pictured above is a cheap Harbor Freight air brush.

I used to buy a bunch of them at a time and then throw them away when they hard problems. I now use a Paasche H series air brush and am much happier with it. After you clean up the chips and are ready to do the final screwing of the mount, be sure to apply Blue Loctite so it does not come loose. The mount is solid and it holds my Vortex Sparc red dot just great. Note our quick takedown pin to make it easy to remove the cover and get the optic out of the way.

If you find this post useful, please share the link on Facebook, with your friends, etc.Plus, there are 5 anti-rotation QD sockets for the attachment of push button swivels, ensuring you can carry your weapon with a sling. Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued and we no longer have that information available. We recommend reaching out to the manufacturer for this inquiry. This should fit the M85 as well, however due to the wide array of AK variants there is always the possibility that some minor fitment could be required.

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m92 pap rail

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Please add " opticsplanet. Government Export Restriction This item may be regulated for export by the U. Department of State or the U. Department of Commerce. Please see our Export Policy prior to placing your order. Lifetime Warranty. Midwest Industries 9.

Midwest Industries Midwest Industries AR 5.

Yugo M92/M85 Adapter Type 2, 1913 Interface

Tap Tap to Zoom. You May Also Like. Will this fit a arsenal Sam 7k am pistol? Expert Answer Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued and we no longer have that information available. Will this for my pap m85np if not could you point me to the right direction cause I recently purchased a tactical grip for it and wanna add other toys Expert Answer This should fit the M85 as well, however due to the wide array of AK variants there is always the possibility that some minor fitment could be required.

Customer Reviews. Installed this on a Yugo M85 Pap with no problem. Very nice kit and fits well. Make sure you line up the handguard with the front sight post before tightening the screws down.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

m92 pap rail

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Norinco/Polytech Hunter 7.62x39

AK Things that are complex are not useful, Things that are useful are simple. Bren The official modern rifle fielded by the Czech military, the Bren AR Superior to any rifle we have ever had Steyr AUG One of the first bullpup rifles to be fielded by a modern military. IWI Tavor X Manticore Field Gear Hold it all with manticore field gear. Morale Gear Show your manticore pride with patches, clothing and more.All orders placed this weekend will ship on Thursday. Thank you! Get new gear now.

UTG 4. Single Point Sling Adapters. Your shipping and email updates were extremely fast; and The way you designed the rail system kit for the M 85 Pap was so streamlined and easy to install. Thank you for producing a wonderful product and getting superior customer support. Thanks so much Bud! Never expected a reply on Easter Sunday! Thank you and God bless. Got the screws today! You are unbelievable, responding to an inquiry on a holiday, and sending the stuff this quickly the next shipping day at your postage cost!

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Thanks so much, and know that when I stumble across a rare company individual like you, I will buy anything I may need in the future that you carry from you. Service like yours is truly rare, and I will tell everyone I know in the hobby about your company and that they should look at you first for anything they need. There should be more like you! Smaller size allows for mounting on a wider variety of railed hand guards and better compatibility with rail covers and accessory mounts.

Compatible with most any Picatinny-railed hand guard, the Magpul AFG-2 Angled Fore-Grip takes into account natural body mechanics and provides a comfortable and stable user interface that reduces fatigue and allows for more precise weapon control.

Installing the CNC Warrior Picatinny Rail Scope Mount for the M92 PAP Pistol

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