Pandemic 2 hacked

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Oh no! We could not detect that Flash was enabled for your browser. This game requires Adobe Flash to play, so please install or enable it if you wish to play. Hack updated: Key hacks : [3] Add evolution points [4] Infect selected region select region first. Create a custom virus in Pandemic 2 and wipe out whole continents and eventually the worlds population.

pandemic 2 hacked

Use the sites hacks to get unlimited evolution points to fast track your virus and kill the worlds population. This game is part of a series: Pandemic. Already have an account? Sign in. Play Pandemic 2 Unhacked. Click stars to rate. Rated : 4. Hack Information: Hack updated: Key hacks : [3] Add evolution points [4] Infect selected region select region first. Pandemic 2 Hacked Description : Create a custom virus in Pandemic 2 and wipe out whole continents and eventually the worlds population.

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pandemic 2 hacked

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Abe Droid Zone. Abobos Big Adventure.Online games provide unlimited entertainment to fans. This is because you can play the games on a twenty-four hour basis throughout the week. Pandemic 2 is a game of wits since it entails making calculated moves before making any scores. Basically, it involves more than one player and you will be needed to spread three main issues that is the bacteria, viruses and parasites around the human habitation.

The aim is to wipe out the human race.

Pandemic 2 Hacked

The game involves tricky scenarios that require close monitoring. You must be able to study the screen and know exactly which areas have got high chances of infection. This means that you must be on the lookout for places with a high population concentration such as schools. Schools are populated with children. Therefore, when you choose to drop the viruses or the parasites there, the rate of casualty will no doubt be high.

As the name entails, online Pandemic 2 game aims at creating havoc and mass destruction.

pandemic 2 hacked

You as the player will achieve this objective by making sure that your targets are inflicted with symptoms of diarrhea, sweating high fever, kidney failure and heart attack. You must release the parasites and bacteria in large numbers to achieve maximum points. Given that this is a game that involve critical thinking, the enemy player must devise a strategy of countering your parasitic attacks.

The enemy player who in this game is the sovereign government must come up with policies to protect its people from harm and death. The enemy player will deploy as team of specialists who will seek to mitigate the deadly effect of the parasites and bacteria. Apart from being a thrilling and witty game Pandemic 2, has an attractive interface that displays information in a clear manner. This makes the game enjoyable and fun.

It is recommended for persons of ten years and above. Pandemic 2 Privacy Policy Contact. Pandemic 2. Facebook Comments.Hacked By: leverage Game Information The much awaited sequel to the disease spreading game Pandemic.

In this version you will have to carefully craft your diseases infectiousness and deadliness to maximise it's ability spread around the world and kill every last human on the planet. Cheats: Hackbar: Press [1] Toggle missiles - [ Upgraded and updated.

pandemic 2 hacked

There should be a hack called "Toggle Visibility". When turned on, the government cannot respond to the disease. I found out that you might have a better chance of getting Madagascar by purchasing all resistance tiers, airborne and waterborne. I infected Madagascar 4 times that way. Welcome to ArcadePreHacks. Our objective is to create a different gaming experience for our users using pre-hacks.

Pandemic 2 Hack and Cheat Information

Game players who find it hard to play some games can come to arcadeprehacks. Username: Password: Lost your password? Register here. Pandemic 2 Hacked Play Pandemic 2 Unhacked. Jan 03, Plays Strategy 1. Rating: Currently 4. Random Game Click here to be taken to a random hacked game.

Games being played by others. Hacked By: Blank.

Pandemic 2 (Unhacked Version)

Hacked By: selectLOL. I think moto moto likes you. Enter your comment: chars left. Lost your password? Sort: Newest Highest Rated. Show: 5 10 15 20 30 40 per page.The Pandemic series comprises 4 browser-based Flash games and one mobile port which mostly predate and are spiritual predecessors to Plague Inc. Like Plague Inc, players can choose BacteriaVirusor Parasite as their plague type, although different names are used for stats. The Cure called the Vaccine in all Pandemic games also instantly cures all infected, instead of rapidly reducing the infected count.

This gives the player no time to stop the vaccine after it's deployed. There are also fewer countries along with fewer choices of symptoms, and players cannot pick their starting country. Instead, it's chosen randomly. However, the vaccine can also be made useless by evolving adequate drug resistance.

Evolution points also known as DNA points are needed to unlock the next tier of symptoms, and there's also the possibility of symptoms mutating as soon as the next tier is unlocked, necessitating a very careful game strategy. In Pandemic, there are water plants that can be infected, which will increase infectivity on the country they are in once they are infected.

The game was sponsored by Crazy Monkey Games and was first published on their website. This game is based in days that you have to skip instead of natural days, causing different changes. In this game you get points to evolve symptoms and Transmissions. There is no explaining, but only the name. Also, you have a Threath level that goes from Germ to Pandemic.

In this game, you also have the skipping days feature. You have simple controls: You get point that do actions in a country: Infect a new one, spread the disease, infect airports, waterplants and reduce the cure, along with your disease lethality, infectivity and drug resistance. This game adds a new feature: The Cure, every country has a cure meter which increases over time, this will make that country immune.

This is the game that most resembles Plague, Inc. It was released on 14 Julyand published by Crazy Monkey Games. This country is in North America and has Alaska. This country is in North America and has its contiguous lands. This island country is in North America. R Disputed and Eritrea. This island country is in Africa.

This country is in Asia. This country is in Asia and has Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and a tiny bit of tibet. This island country is in Asia. This island country is in Oceania. The screen of a Pandemic game. Pandemic II's Madagascar is infamous for being the hardest country to infect, with plagues often barely scraping into the country before its borders close, or oftentimes just never getting infected and ruining an otherwise perfect game.

Some may consider it as the equivalent of Greenland in Plague Inc. Both countries are present in both games, and Madagascar still gives players much trouble. Madagascar's legendary difficulty led to a popular internet meme called "Shut Down Everything" which depicts the president of Madagascar being informed that someone elsewhere has a minor symptom such as a cough and he yells this phrase and shuts the shipyards.

This has even been referenced in Plague Inc. Greenland is also notorious for its tendency to keep its hospitals open as long as possible.

Pandemic 2 Hacked

Due to a bug, its hospitals sometimes remain active and contribute to vaccine research even when the country has been wiped out. Unlike all the previous games, this one is about the government of the USA trying to stop a Swine Flu outbreak on it. You can choose difficulty and government Open-Normal-Closed. Develop Vaccine: It starts instantly in a new game, and along with money it requires open hospitals.I searched all over the internet and I could not find a suitable answer to this question.

Therefor I have played the game and fine tuned all the different options to see what actually works and how to infect hard to reach places like Madagascar and New Zealand.

I have puts hours of research into this so I hope it proves helpful. Then infect everyone! Upgrade with delightful symptoms like vomiting, delirium and open sores. Yum, yum! That is the only description they offer, they offer no strategies beyound that. There is a small tutorial that serves the purpose of leaving you feeling alone and abandoned in a world that needs to be overrun by disease.

This is a quote from Yahoo Answers. I think I started in Cuba. Then I concentrated my DNA pts on moisture resistance and cold resistance. Once I got those to level 3, I started buying heat resistance. All this time, I did not have anything for transmission. I waited until every country was infected yep, even got Madagascar. In fact, Madagascar wasn't even the last to get infected! They kept their ports open for a while. Once everyone was infected, I finished putting points on resistances, and started in on transmission.

Around this time my disease became famous ooooh and they started working on a vaccine. There's lots of reasons to puke, and it makes the disease really contagious, so it's made the poor researchers' jobs just a little bit harder. I'm still playing this particular game, but once I have my transmission vectors maxed I'm going to start buying the more lethal symptoms. Since the researchers are so flummoxed, I'm hoping to have enough time. Or that the vaccine will make my parasite resistant to any further attempts had that happen on an earlier game.

Hope this helps! All the hospitals are shut down, so the vaccine development is on infinite.Pandemic 2 hacked is a fun-addicting game where you can play as a bad person trying to destroy the whole world. The game is back with two brand new modes, and more challenges to explore.

Your main mission is to demolish the entire human race by spreading your disease. The more you spread, the more people will die. Make sure all countries over the world will get infected by your disease. Sounds so mean, right? Good luck! Hacked Unblocked Games are one of the most popular game categories because of highly entertaining of Hacked Games and variety of Unblocked ones.

Many games which belong to these categories are willing to provide the most amazing games in order to burn your freetime and bring you inspiration. Hacked Games are familiar names to many players because they don't have to try so much to reach a high score as they want. Everything in this category will be easier than others since it is hacked. It means that nothing can make you feel difficult. Let's take care of your leisure! Username: Password: Register.

Pandemic 2 Hacked. Hacked Games. Login to favorite. Instructions Use the mouse to control and spread the disease in the game. Welcome to the world of Hacked Unblocked Games. These days, the demand for entertainment is indispensable in life. Besides the pressure of life and work, people need something to relax and relieve their anxiety.


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